How the heck do i evolve d.buneary?

if i make it faint, it will never evolve, because when i revive it, it will add more happiness. am i missing something? (sorry for this stupid question lmao)

reviving it doesnt give it happiness, there are also the herb items that lower happiness a lot

ohh, in the core games it does.

the energy guru guy?

It evolves with minimum friendship. The common way to do this is to purchase bitter herbs from Narra Town or the Black Market, let it faint and revive it with Revival Herb, heal with Energy Powder or some of the other bitter healing items, and rinse and repeat. You can turn around and talk to your mon to prompt what level of friendship it’s at, so once it hates you and is at minimum, then you can level it up once to evolve it.

thanks for the thorough explanation

It would be easier to evolve a newlybred or a traded buneary. just one level and u gud.