How the frick am I supposed to beat Yuki in E4!

Eduardo i got past pretty easy. Kayla too, even London wasn’t that much a challenge but YUKI! (Mei, AKA. Satan) Yuki is impossible to beat. For some reason her Delta Trevenent, which isn’t even close to an ice type, demolishes me every time, i try super effective moves, status moves, it just tanks it all then one shots all my pokemon. It’s a fairy fighting type which somehow doesnt take damage from the hail. And the Mega Cryogonal just destroys all my good PkMn before i can make it to trevenant, and if i survive cryogonal, trevenant just wrecks them anyway! All my pokes are lvl 120 and EV trained, half of them are legendaries and the other half are deltas. If someone could help me, let me borrow a poke that they used to beat the E4(For a price, of course) or just something, i’m half expecting the champion to be easier than Yuki.

Send in something to negate the hail/sleet like a Drought, Sandstorm or Drizzle user.

The hail isn’t a problem, its cryogonal and trevenant that suck. They can one shot me anyway so the hail doesnt do anything

Do you have any Rare Candies on you? A lot of times people forget they have them with them.

Yeah, why? Everything is max level

I swept her with a single flareon. Just use quick fire types I guess

Does my delta drifloon not count as a fast fire type? I thought flying types were fast EDIT: Drifblim not Drifloon

Not really that fast. The flying type also removes the ice resistance. It has the same speed as normal driflblim

Oh okay, i’ll see what i can do by way of fire types.

How’s delta chandlure sound? Fire Fairy so it’ll be good against trevenant too. Is 80 a decent base speed stat? I’ll EV train it for speed

trevenant’s fairy fighting and actually I bulldozed the entire elite four the second time with 4 90 level and 2 95 level pokes all 1/3 EV trained.

I know trevenant is fairy fighting thats what i said

Hustle delta Scyther also opens up a hole in everything including trevenant- but be sure it’ll KO or Dscyther will be KO’d. Any more details on the team that you’re willing to give? You can export the team using the export button and copy/paste in here.

Well i don’t have any Non-Damaging moves, i consider them a waste of turns

Well i do have healing moves like leech seed, moonlight, recover, etc

So you’ve got 5 shaymin and 1 delta drifblim? More details help immensely. :sweat_smile:

That is, unless you’ve already won, in which case I’m sorry for bugging you.

Lol, ill screenshot my team

I’m about to go fight them after stocking up on items.

is the scizor Ice cleats?

Yes. The Trevenant is still faster though, even after mega evolving cleaver, somehow