How soaring pokemon work

i want to get all delta pokemon i can before going to holon,the one i am looking for right now is delta pikachu,and i read it appers 25% of the time soaring,but do i need to land then go soaring again or just go soaring no stop until i find it,also i alredy caught delta drifloon,if it helps in something,thanks

extra:i was getting delta deino in slither forest adn i though i had founf a shiny but it changes colors depending of the gender and it was just a female

Well at least regarding delta deino, it does change appearance based on gender. This means that it also has two different shiny variants. They are both primarily black. You can tell if a pokemon is shiny if a red star appears next to its health bar.

As far as delta pichu, I believe that you have to land again and go back to soaring in order to find delta pichu if it is not already soaring. In my experience, new encounters don’t change the existing pokemon that are flying around, and neither does continuous flying. I’d look carefully in your search before headed back to the ground though.

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FOUND IT,thanks CreeperG