How rare are the soaring deltas?

So I know about the soaring deltas purely because I encountered a delta pikachu after I got the pika taxi quest done, but I haven’t encountered a delta since. Are they really that rare?

they are pretty rare, and iirc they are spawned once you start soaring, so if you cant find them just land and try soaring again. Once you caught d. pikachu, it won’t spawn again. Also, some soaring encounters are only in Holon, so watch out for that. You can also trade for them if it’s getting annoying xD

Ok, thanks, I just wanted to find them myself y’know

yeah ofc that’s understandable :))

Very early in Holon, I was soaring to the next settlement, and found a delta Wailmer. I was pretty excited, but haven’t found any other soaring deltas since

I also tried to hunt a d. Drifloon but I never got it.

To be more precise, it’ll be a 25% chance of encountering the Soaring-exclusive Deltas every time you soar. If you don’t find them, just land, and try once more.

Be aware that they are once-off encounters as well, and cannot be recaptured if they are killed, unless you’ve saved before. Starting from Level 50 and going up, Delta Drifloon also will have Explosion.