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How is team building supposed to be in Insurgence?

Hey, so I wanted to know if Insurgence is quite flexible on team buildup. I am playing it blind, so I didn’t do my team buildup before the game. Just wanna enjoy it and be surprised of all the delta pokemon I can find. But that makes me also question if it’s worth my time leveling up and using certain pokemon, because I will surely find enough other ones I want potentially get in my team.

My team currently is Delta Charmeleon, Drilbur and I am still deciding if should welcome the delta Ralts in my team. I don’t wanna have an pro competitive team, but anyway. Someone could help me on how flexible team building is in Insurgence?

if your playing on easy or even normal you should be fine to use pretty much any mon you like. on hard mode tho the ai gets smarter and all major trainers have good natures, ivs evs etc, so yeah you should plan your team out on hard mode.

How is the grind? Is it worth it training pokemon that I might kick out from my team as I find other ones?

i mean, if they carry your team for any amount of team, yeah. especially some deltas early game, they’re cool and stronk

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