How is my team?

Delta Charizard Lapras Alakazam Lucario Rapidash Raichu

I don’t know to change it anymore.

Give me one.

erm, Rapidash is good only for early game. Get a talonflame or an arcanine. Raichu is actually not that good. Use delta gardevoir , stunfisk or eelektross

Raichu has different role with those three. Raichu is fast mixed (both physical and special) attacker. DGardevoir is special attacker/wall, Stunfisk is a semi wall, while Eelektross is a slow sturdy mixed attacker. If you want to compare, at least throw a Zebstrika or Electrivire.

Also, even Rapidash is kinda suck, its advantages over Gale Winged-Talonflame is elemental coverage. Rapidas has Wild Charge to punish Waters and Drill Run to kill Rocks.

Arcanine does the same thing. The speed loss is negligible, and it is more capable of taking hits and dish out hard ones itself. It also has wild charge, and can kill rocks with close combat. It also has access to reliable recovery in morning sun

About raichu, Idon’t see that many good physical options except knock off and volt tackle ( and fake out), so running all special wouldn’t be that bad . If you want a physical electric type, then there is electivire, which can serve the same purpose as raichu

Thank you for all opinion. I will change rapidash go arcanine and find other electric type. Did ampharos is good?

May I have Rapidash? :o

U want it? But i don’t focus on his ev and iv also his skill maybe terrible for competitive and his level just 56. I new to this insurgence, so i don’t know how to trade it.

Yes plz!

Give me ur id so i can trade it. Tq

To trade you have to go to your PokeGear > Online Play and then select Register if you haven’t already done so. After you registered select Log In and then trade. You and the person you’re trading with have to enter each others name within like 2 minutes or so, so you have to coordinate with the other person to make sure you two enter each others username together. Also try not to tab out or it will say you left the trade.

Just helping you out since you said you don’t know how to trade.

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Also just saying since I didn’t see y’all trade anywhere, you can’t trade in PMs. You have to do the trade on a thread or on discord. :slight_smile:

thank for tips to trade. I new to this insurgence. right now i want to build my team and focusing on the story. :smiley:

Np :slight_smile:

k im ready

Your team is the exact same as mine, except i use Sceptile and Feraligatr instead of Lapras and Rapidash lol