How i recolour sprites (Plus some resources)

hey, i know there are some who pm me and ask how i do my sprites so i decided to make a guide how i make my dumb recolours and some resources for yall

First of all im gonna get the resources that i can help with
I have 2 resources for yall
The first one is gen 1 to gen 8 sprites (with backsprites.eggs,icons,megas etc0
There are two choices
First one has big backsprites like theez (insurgence style ones)
The next one has small backsprites like theez (reborn style ones)
its up to ur choice which one u wanna edit
Download (Big backsprites)
Download (small ones)
First i take the mon i want to recolour
in this case PANphy
the program i use is get it here
pick the magic wand
magic wand
Set the mod to global
now set the tolerance to 0%
Now what i like to do is a make a new png file (prefer to 160x160 cuz whynaut)
ur gonna have to make 2 square lines like this
i like to call them “pallete banks”
Now go to the mon ur making
take all the colours ur mon has and put them in the first square
which u can do by using the wand settings i mentioned before
select all colours and colour pick em

now u gonna fill the second square which u wanna replace the colours
this is the final result

Now u might be asking why this method is so special
thats cause if ur gonna make a backsprite/icons/followers it will have some few colours which are used in the front sprite.
so u can easily take the palletes from this method
And this is only for simple recolours i do.


This is a dangerous power I’ve been given. Thank you!

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I dont understand how to magic wand works, and how do i make the boxes?