How do you use a ps4 controller for pokemon insurgence

please help

Pretty sure the game doesn’t have launcher support. You could try to get a program to bind PS4 controls to keyboard inputs, but I am unsure as to which one would work. You are probably going to need a converter program however, as PS4 controllers are generally not supported on Windows. Google is your friend.

1.) Get

2.) Open DS4Windows, go to profile tab and make a new profile

3.) Edit profile to bind gamepad’s buttons/sticks to corresponding keyboard keys

4.) Save the profile

5.) Go to Auto Profiles tab - > Add programs - > Browse for Other Programs and then browse to Pokemon Insurgence folder and select game.exe

6.) Select game.exe on the list, check it’s checkbox and chose your profile from Controller 1 dropdown list, then click Save

7.) Start the game, grab your pad and have fun!

Is it possible to do it with an xbox 360 controller?

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You should try searching. Alternatively, make a new topic and ask there I’m sure someone will help you.