How do you land on Slither Forest?

How do you land on Slither Forest? I know that you usually have to land on a Pokemon Center, but since there are no Pokemon Centers on the island, how do you land?

You just have to find the enterance.

I will show a picture to you in a while.

Thank you!

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Can you wait for a while?


I guess @thePotato already gave the solution.

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im p sure u can just hover over the island in general

oop sry fire xD

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Naw man. Funny how we did it at the same time lol

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haha true yeah xD

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Does it require E4 completion first?

No you just need to have the ablility to soar

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In order to land on these Soaring-exclusive areas such as the Slither Forest, Lost Pond, Mysterious Spire, etc, you should be able to land on the island as a whole. Watch the top left for when the area name will pop up, then just keep trying C around the areas.

However, you do need Heart Swap to fully explore the island, i.e. find the Delta that’s there.

I snagged Delta Deino yesterday. Thanks for your help everyone!