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How do you know a pokemon is foreign?

Hi Insurgence community,

I was wondering if you can tell if a pokemon is foreign or not, for example if it’s received from wonder trade.
Can you see their language of origin on their profile?

Thank you

No, unfortunately you cannot for the time being. You just gotta hope it’s foreign

Thanks for your reply Gia, that’s a little unfortunate. Btw we forgot to trade Celebi.

Oh yeah, lol. Can we do the trade tomorrow? Kinda busy rn

No problem, I’m hunting suicune.

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Hey @Megadeox, give Gia the solution mate

fire I have the power to give me the solution xd

…oh yeah.

I lost that because of you…

Done, sorry Gia.

Haha it’s fine, it’s just some shiny green letters under a post kekw.