How do you import eggs?

There’s an egg generator but what do I type in to get it to send to my current save file?

That’s only for egglockes. You move it to the egglocke folder and you can use them in your egglocke challenges.

I don’t even know what the rules of an egglocke are.

Egg Challenge

More commonly known as the Egglocke Challenge. The first twenty boxes of the player’s PC will be filled with Eggs. Players will not be able to interact with these boxes, but the last four boxes are available for use. Once a player catches or receives a Pokémon, it is swapped out at random for an egg in the PC from the first twenty boxes. These eggs can either be taken from a text file in the “Egglocke” folder, or randomly generated. Players are not allowed to trade or battle while doing this challenge. This challenge cannot be forfeited once it has begun.

Okay thank you.

is it possible to import an egg into your game even if you’re not doing an Egglocke ?