How do you get rid of white around custom sprites?

Hi. I customized Pikachu and Raichu by adding a fedora to them, but when I play the game there is white around my Pikachu, Sparkster. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of it because it’s really annoying and I’d love the help. Thank you.

Have you been saving them as a png?

I have been saving as png.

Well you must have been doing it wrong if it has white around it.

How so, good sir? I really want to get rid of it.

I’m not sure. It might be something with your editing program.

Maybe it’s because I used paint, but I’m not sure. I hope that isn’t the problem.

That shouldn’t be the problem. Some sprites on here use paint and it works for them.

I don’t know then. I’m just going to deposit Sparkster into the box until I fix this, somehow.

the problem with using MS paint is that the white background isn’t transparent and im not certain if the rubber can get rid of it, what i use is which can rub out the background to make it transparent

Thank you.

Could you specify? When I type in i get This is the one