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How do I upgrade the EV trainer?

I’ve read on the wiki that the EV Trainer could be upgraded after the fourth and eighth gym badges, however, my EV Trainer remains the same from the beginning, and I already have 8 badges since then. Every time I try to access the “functions” list on the Tablet it says that I have already bought all the possible upgrades so far, even tho I just bought the first one.

I also tried to remove and add the NPC again, but that didn’t change anything, I always get about 18 EVs at the end of the training by using Macho Brace, don’t know if it’s the best I can get.

I think the NPC still looks the same, shell just have different mons to send out. Also I would recommend using pokerus and the Power items (Which specifies which EV u wanna train) instead of a Macho brace for the best effect. It should be much easier to train after that.

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She’s still using the same pokemon, unfortunately…
But thanks for the tips.