How do I start the Damian Post Game storyline?

Im lost and in the post game. I’ve heard if the Damian storyline but I dont know how to start it.

After obtaining the Hiking Boots (Rock Climb) during the Perfect Dragon quest and getting the Magic Carpet (waterfall) in Holon, go to route 5 and scale the waterfall. You will find a Hoopa portal back to the dream world there. When you get back to Erebus City in the dream world, you will see a rather chaotic cutscene, after which Adam will start talking to you and send you on a mission to catch a certain legendary. This will send you to Prion Site, and when you go west you enter the Nightmare Badlands. As you climb through the Badlands, battling as you go, eventually you will get to a little shack, before which a rather powerful trainer will accost and battle you. After you win, you catch the legendary, automatically get transported back to Erebus, and the quest is over.

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