How do I move my save to another computer?

My save file is on my Mac and I want to put it on my PC, how do I do that?

Find your save file. Mine is under C:\Users\ [Insert Username]\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence; not sure if yours will be the same on a mac. Once you have that, put your save file into an e-mail to yourself, or copy-paste it into Dropbox or something - anything you can use to access it from multiple devices. Once that’s done, go onto your PC, find both the save file and the PC’s save location, and put your save into that location.

The FAQ said that the save file is in Game.rxdata for both PC and Mac, but I can’t find it. Was it just under Pokemon Insurgence for you or under something else in the Pokemon Insurgence folder?

Depends what you mean by the Pokemon Insurgence folder. There should be two of them. There is the folder in which the game proper is stored. That will just be wherever you put the game after installing it. The saves are in a different folder dedicated to them alone, and is where the Game.rxdata file may be found.