How do i land the EmolgaTaxi?

someone please tell me how. I’ve been stick in the air for 3 hours. help.

Have the cursor point a POKEMON CENTER then press enter or space, it should ask you if you want to land, then just say yes.

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thank. you.

Help! I can’t land even if I pointed the cursor to the pokemon center

This post is 3 months old, but anyway, are you sure you’re directly at the top? Like can you send a screenshot?

Pokemon Insurgence 11_14_2017 2_28_05 PMPokemon Insurgence 11_14_2017 2_28_39 PM

pressed enter, c but nothing happens

That… isn’t even remotely close. The blue arrow should be directly on top and you’ll know it when you see it; the arrow will raise a small bit. You’re too far up and to the left.

Pokemon Insurgence 11_14_2017 2_39_00 PM
like this? (still doesn’t work)

i tried to go above the pokemon center and the cursor is going up and down

The arrow is on the pillar now…

Here, allow me to show you an example of what it should look like:

Notice how the arrow is directly pointing at it, sharing a similar point on the x and y axis.

tried… still :’(
If try to get it up slightly, the cursor wouldn’t point at the pokemon center

You cannot land in towns you have yet to explore. If you haven’t discovered Gaea Town, one of the last towns yet, don’t bother. Land in a town or city you have already explored and try to do a similar thing with the pokemon center, making sure the arrow’s as close as you got it for Gaea.

Thank you very much, I thought I can’t play anymore . the message showed finally :’)

Glad I could be of use.

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