How do I get Delta Munchlax?

I know he/she is in the Route 8 hidden grotto but when I go in it is just empty. I have waited 12 hours like the wiki said so but still nothing. Another 24 hours, still nothing. I don’t know is it is reseting and I have awful luck or something is broken. It is the last Pokemon I need for the E4 as my grass coverage.

If your in-game time is broken, reinstalling the core may work.

Ok I will try this.

Hang on won’t that delete my data?

If you’re on windows, the save will transfer automatically. On mac, you can just move it manually.

Ok I am on windows!

Do i download the patch or full download?

Full download.


I just downloaded and exported but still the hidden grotto was still empty. I’ll wait 24 hours though just in case it didn’t reset.

I just remembered that my system clock automatically changed 1 hour today so is that the problem?

Most likely. Changing the PC time is what most often messes up the ingame time.

ok how long will I have to wait?

Presumably 24 hours.

Ok I can wait.

Thing is i don’t know if he/she is best for my team

Just get a grass type from the friend safari or something.

Yeah I could but I really want Belly Drum/ Seed Bomb Delta Snorlax.

Ummm, how to reinstall the core?

Download the core again. Assuming you’re on windows, your save should transfer automatically.