How do I change save file

I have started a game in save 2 and I want tho have that save file in save 1 how do I do that

  1. open up file explorer
  2. go to disk c
  3. users
  4. your pc “account” name
  5. saved games
  6. game = save 1
    game_1 = save 2
    game_2 = save 3
    do a backup if you somehow do an oopsie
    and then you just rename them

I tried changing the save name but it still shows it in save 2

did you change game_1 to game and game to game_1 if not you have your answer

It shows Save_0_Backup and photos of named capture

dont you have the game things?

I do

whats the problem then

I also have picture named capture

that shouldnt be there
you should swap the names of the highlighted files

Ok I’m gonna try

oh they are like in game screen shots idk what key makes them

Oh ok

It works thanks a lot

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