How do I beat Gym 3?

I’m doing a delta only run and I am very stuck, so I can’t get the next Pokémon for my team until I beat East.
My team:
D-Gardevoir Lvl 48 (Held item never melt ice): Shock Wave, Thunder Shock, Ice Beam, Calm Mind

D-Grimer Lvl 47: Mud Bomb, Earthquake, Magnitude, Minimize

D-Ludicolo Lvl 48: Psyshock, Rain Dance, Stored Power, Whirlpool

D-Charizard Lvl 50 (held item D Charizardite) Dragon Pulse, Shadow Ball, custom Ice move, Confuse Ray

D-Quagsire Lvl 47: Mimic, Bullet Seed, Willowisp, Mystical Fire

D-Scizor Lvl 49: Low Sweep, Night Slash, Hail, Icicle Spear (D Scizorite)

As it is only the third gym you won’t have access to loads of stuff just pretty much the moves learnt already?? Not many TM’s/Move Tutors etc. Delta only makes it even more difficult! - GOOD QUESTION - Here are my thoughts…

  • Held Items will help you miassively so think about these and try to make them work with your pokemon abilities.
  • I would choose between Thunder Wave and Calm Mind for D.Gardevoir then choose another move to work with it. I doubt you will have time to Paralyse then Buff then Attack unless you are luck with Paralysis.
  • Swap Magnitude for any other move
  • Rain Dance is probably the best move you have for East - It’s a shame you don’t have Thunder to go with it - Stored Power makes is pretty much useless unless you buff with another pokemon and then baton pass in but I’m sure it’s not worth it.
  • D.Charizard annoys me!! He should be the boss of all Pokemon imo but he’s pretty average… Probz get rid of the custom move - What level does he learn phantom force?
  • D.Wooper is Grass/Fire I think!? Not a great learnset - Slow, Physical Attacker with good Defence. Will-O-Wisp - Seed Bomb - Protect - Physical Fire Move ?!?!

Hope this helps, Not an expert just my perspective! :slight_smile: Good Luck!

If you’re still in trouble, I could help you. Lately, I’m having fun with team building.

As a matter of fact, I am still stuck, and would very much appreciate help! Thanks in advance!

Perfect. So, what’s the ability of D-Ludicolo? He could be your best lead if it has Magic Bounce because you can send back Stealth Rocks and Spikes of Skarmory. Thanks to that, any of his Pokémons will be hurt when switched in.
I don’t think it’s a great damage dealer since it’s pretty slow: if you can, teach him Reflect and Light Screen. With those, you should be able to resist lots of damage. You can obtain those TMs from the Casino in Roggan Town.
I’m confused by how he knows Whirlpool because the Tutor for that move is after the 4th Gym. But that’s great since it will apply a DoT of 1/8 of the target’s Max Hp.

The other option for your lead can be D-Charizard. Confuse Ray can handle Skarmory, but he needs to hit himself: I would teach him Taunt so that Skarmory can’t use any of his “entry hazard” moves. Then you can hit him until it’s dead. As they already told you, you should switch the Custom move with something else like, for example, Taunt.

D-Gardevoir is your best choice for wiping East’s team, but it needs to set up at least three Calm Minds. If you can start the fight with D-Ludicolo with Magic Bounce or simply the screens, there’s no problem; however, with D-Charizard as the leading Pokémon, it will be hard to set up. Also, if you have a Heart Scale and the Move Relearner in the Secret Base, make her remember Moonblast.

Now, the other Pokémons are not optimal, especially for this Gym.

  • D-Grimer (I suppose you mean Muk) is useless since it can hit only two Pokémons, one of those being Kingdra - practically suicide. You could use D-Pidgeot: not the best option, but with Intimidate, he can be helpful. He also learns Snarl: with that, you can lower their Sp. Atk. His move pool is not great, but it’s better than what D-Muk can offer for this situation.

  • D-Quagsire is also tricky. I mean, Grass-types in a Flying/Dragon Gym… But you could still use him: however, you will need Heart Scales to teach him some old moves like Stockpile and Leech Seed. And he has to have Flash Fire; if not, he’s dead meat. Bullet Seed should be switched with other moves - preferably Status moves since D-Quagsire could be used for stalling. I would teach him Rest, so he can burn or plant the seeds and then go to sleep to heal himself. Leftovers would be a great item.

  • D-Scizor is also hard to use here. Due to the Fighting type, we have the same problem as for D-Quagsire: against Flying-type, it’s a hazard. If it has Icicle Cleats, you could still outspeed some of East’s Pokémons with Hail active. I would change Low Sweep or Night Slash with Rock Tomb since its main counter is Talonflame. I would give him Never-Melt Ice too, or a Focus Sash.

I hope this helps. If you do not have some of the abilities I recommend, it’s still doable; however, it will be hard to defeat East. Also, I’m sorry I’m making you rely on Heart Scales; yet, with those, you will at least withstand his team, if not handle it.
I’ll help you more if you need clarification or some counter-strategy.

Did you make it? I’ve never received feedbacks, and I was wondering if it helped.