How do I back up, or copy, save files?

Since 1.2’s coming out soon I want to copy my saves just in case there is a glitch, or I lose it whilst updating.

How do I do this? (I use Windows 7)

Go to C/Users (name)/Saved Games/Insurgence.There are four save files.Copy them to the place you wish.Hope it helps.

You got it/understood it/found it?

Yeah thanks! Only just checked back.

I don’t understand

If you go to that specific folder, there will be 4 save files.

Game is your current save file
Save_backup_file_1,2 and 3 is your backup

You can update these backup by manually save in the game.

If your current save file is corrupted, you can change your save file by changing the name of “Game” file into something else and changing the “save_backup_file 1” into “game”.

I have the same dilemma but i used the installer so how do i back up my save file if something were to happen to my computer