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How do I add Deltas to battle simulator?

Happy to help if its possible

Well, most people are using another client now, i don’t have the link atm, but if you really wanna update this one, you can find the code in one of the announcements iirc.

here is the client almost evryone is using

Thanks! Is there a format that allows any type of battle?

My friends and I tried recreating our teams but Gen 6 Insurgence OU didn’t allow them to use a phsyic gem or their Gothita’s shadow tag ability.

delta draft league/natdex

Insurgence OU allows Gems, I would use Gen 6 Custom Battle, which has no rules. You could also use /challenge (user) [Gen 6] Custom Game @@@ +Future, which allows all Gen 7+8 mons and moves, wth Gen 6 mechanics.