How about a Monotype Battle Simulator Tourney?

Rules are simple.

  1. You can only use a full team of 1 single type. So you cannot pull Lance on a Dragon-Mono Team.
  2. No Uber-Mons allowed.
  3. There are only 16 spots available. We will be deciding the winner by a tournament setup.
  4. The winner will receive…5IV STONES! supplied by the amazing @GiaPeNiw!

Here are the spots available. The battles will happen every weekend. To see who you are potentially going up against, click here: The player corresponds to your number.

  1. GiaPeNiw
  2. MadArcanist
  3. KKhris
  4. Boggaspotatoe
  5. Matthias03
  6. devil/poke
  7. ezlaturbo
  8. Incognito1234
  9. PeterHolmes74
  10. Aki
  11. WomboCombo
  12. FairyQueen
  13. AvocadoGirl
  14. FireFiber733339
  15. Jerewryy
  16. BackInBlack

I wanna join lol @JojoBoss247

Oh, btw, I have a question @JojoBoss247 , are we allowed to use dual type pokemon?

oh, yes you are.

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Alright, cool

Can I join in?

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Awesome! I just had one question. It looks like not every Pokemon in the Dex is available to use, am I just not looking hard enough or are some Pokemon not implemented yet?

Yeah, some pokemon have not been implemented. It’s not you, rest assured. Though, if you know how to program, you can implement the rest now.

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No idea how to program, haha, but thanks for the fast reply!

No problem.

What simulator you are talking about?
And how i can enter?

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And I will enter you in right now.

When i try to enter
it gives me the error 504
Gateway time out

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it does? hum…try it again. maybe on a different device.

i try using a diferent link and did work now
In this tornment is a monotype?

yeah, but it has certain rules.

Is it on showdown or battle sim

Battle sim. wanna participate?

Hmmm when is the first round and what time