Holon? Reuka?

Im a bit lost, I just fought Taen at dragon ruins with the Zygarde hippie and got Reshiram and Zekrom, and saw the short event with Taen and Reuka in perfection base (where I saw allready before that Reuka left), I just dont know where to go now, I know that i have to go to Holon, save Damian, pursuit Reuka, but I didnt got any call, and I dont know how to go to Holon, where I can get the Waterfall Carpet to get in to the dreams realm again

Im just too lost x’D

Have you done the scientists club mission yet? You need to do that first before getting the call to go to Holon. You can find the scientists club in the bottom left of Koril town.

I dont know where she is, but I got her call and the first thing ive done is gong to the lab, and she wasnt, she isnt now either, im confused

the scientist boss isnt inside and I didnt do the quest

She says to meet her in Suntouched City.