Holon piramid puzzle

there is a puzzle on holon mountain to get delta torchick,and it makes no sense,it read “Aten,Ra,Set,Tefnut”,i saw the wiki to discover the answer,but how to crack the puzzle whitout using the wiki?

You have to write down the fragments of letters scattered throughout the pyramid. There’s purple “braille” on the walls that you can read. You have to get everything in order. The wiki is easier because it has everything already assembled. To be honest, it’s been long enough since I’ve done the pyramid puzzle that I’ve partly forgotten the process, but hopefully that should help if you want to figure it out on your own or understand how.

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thats for delta riolu,i am talking about the color square puzzle

Oh for that one those are the names of Egyptian deities. You just have to associate them with their colors. At least that’s what I tried to do and I figured that one out. The trick is that the colors can repeat and not all are used.

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