Holon Marsh

Where can I found Delta Froakie and Delta Yanma?

For Yanma, Slather any of the flowers in the Flower Field with Honey and wait for it to appear. For Froakie, Tesseract (The rift has a scientist on it, the berry tree-like near the rift also holds the Poliwrathite). Then, go the southeast part of the marsh where you will find a Heart Swap statue after that, just keep going until you reach D. Froakie.

where can I buy some honey? I don’t remember exactly but I think in Holon there’s a NPC who sells it

Delta froakieis is in a tesseract at spot and yanma is found by slathering honey on plants, both in holon marsh.

yes, but I’m looking for that Tesseract spot haha

where is the Tesseract spot? I can’t find it

Near the bottom right. Look harder, it’s surrounded by trees.

All right, and the honey where can I obtain it?

Sold by Professor Pine.

it’s true! thanks both :slight_smile: