Holon grassland Delta

A scientist told us that there is 4 Delta in this area, but he said that the last is very rare and hard to find. I’ve found Delta meavile, petilil and Treecko. But that’s all, there is another one ?

Delta Karrablast, which can, unfortunately, be only obtained on one day each month at night. The next day it’ll be available is September 6th.

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Ah thank’s ! 4 hours that I run into grass to catch it XD

For future reference, no deltas can just be found randomly in the grass

How did you figure out when it would appear?

I guess he figured out this with the dresser that told us about night and moon. So maybe this Delta Pokemon is only available when it’s the full moon.

Thanks it’s good to know.

Where’d you find Delta Petilil

In the flowers to the top left of the Grasslands

K thanks

Wait how pokemon do I have to fight? There was only a mothim.

Keep coming back. Different pokemon will appear when you kill them. The 5th one will be Petilil.

OK thanks again