Holon Dex Teams

Greetings everyone,
I’ve been looking at the Holon Dex and I’m really impressed with all the awesome delta’s people came up with.Congrats to all the finalists. Seriously, I want to catch all of these pokemon. On that note, I thought it might be fun to list out which delta’s we would make a team out of if we could only choose from the Holon Dex. You can find the holon dex here

And without further ado, here’s the top six Pokemon I would choose

Lucky me, two of my top six are actually going into the game (that I know of). W00t!

I realize my team is probably a bit unbalanced type wise but eh. As I said before, these delta’s are all amazing. I’d like to point out that despite disliking the bidoof line in general, I really like MorallyIncorrect’s Bibarel and Bidoof. I’m also a big fan of PCtheSkitty’s Ralts line. I’m a big fan of that line normally, but I really like the direction they took it in.

Anyway, let’s see what you all would pick!


How do you post images? I just made my account a few days ago.

I copy pasted them directly. You can format the images in the resulting string by modifying the width and height. The default is 240. I resized mine to 130 I believe.

Thanks. Can I post 2 sets of 6 Pokemon teams? There’s way too many cool Pokemon.

Sure. Go right ahead

And how about the new delta Pokemon people are posting right now? Can I use those too? Cause some of them look really cool. (Sorry for so many questions :3)

My team

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Seems legit. :ok_hand:

Go ahead, anime lover. That seems to be quite the diverse team Cow538. I bet each one is perfectly EV trained with IVs to match and a diverse set of nature’s to complement each one’s moveset. What looks to be six delta whoopers is actually a carefully disguised ruse. Isn’t it?

They all have naughty nature

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

and are EV trained in 255 speed nothing else. They all hold the lagging tail and they all know protect, detect, endure, and roar of time. They are all Ice/Flying type and have 0IVs in everything

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Very diverse indeed.

I had to put Regice in. I know its a legendary but it’s way too cool.

Here’s my second team. Again I wanted to put Zapdos because I didn’t like Zapdos that much, but this delta made it look amazing.

Nice picks!


alakazam looks likehes making magic tidepods

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