Hmm...A 350 cup Showdown Tourney?

Please clear your team with me on private chat or discord #6237. Matchups are random. There is no prize but if someone would like to supply one, I would be okay with that. PLEASE USE POKEPASTE WHEN SENDING IN YOUR TEAM!!!

Necessary Links:
Pokemon Showdown
Tournament Rules
Tournament Bracket
My Hangout Server (not necessary but plz join)

So, who is ready to battle?

sure im in

No thanks, I’ll pass on that one.

You are IN!

:frowning: :sob:

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I might join, if you care to humor me for some meta testing. I need to get a feel of the meta before I decide.

okay sure.

Count me in

Oh and btw what about the monotype tourney? Was it cancelled? @JojoBoss247

DID THIS TOURNEY CANCEL TOO? SOMEONE PLS TELL ME. Why are all these tourneys just stoppin outta nowhere?


it never started due to lack of players.