Hilariously bad pokemon comic series

So, apparently my 11-year-old-self wanted to be a writer, just like me. She started her journey by making horrible pokemon comics. In the posts below, I have posted these comics at her expense so we can laugh about how badly she used to write/draw comics.

Enjoy! :laughing:


Comic Book 1:

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Comic book 2:

Gotta love the twist ties, right?

The mystery dungeon comic ws in the process, but I never finished it. I can’t find it, but if I do, let me know if you guys wanna see it

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book 3:

During this next part, 11-year-old-me got really lazy and decided to not color anything.

And that’s the end of the comic series. If you guys were interested, let me know if I should make a new series or remake this one, bigger and better.Hope you guys enjoyed it!



When you said “11-year-old self,” I was expecting gen 1 or 2 pokemon, not these more recent ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was around 11 when I got my first pokemon game, pokemon white. My starter was oshawott, and that’s why it’s a oshawott here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for you Serenity. Its cool but you know its kinda hard to read. I am just being a little picky sorry for that.

No worries. The scanner I use sometimes doesn’t pick up the full picture. It mostly shows the bold stuff on the page.

…wow. Pokemon White really was a while ago, was it not? Seven years, I believe. Time flies.

Nope, it’s only really been 5. It came out in 2011

Well, that’s still quite a bit. Pokemon Black and White brings back memories. It was the one that got me back into the series years after I’d played my first one, which was Fire Red.

Pokemon white was my first pokemon game, and my first pokemon was oshawott.

Wow this was really cool, thanks for sharing!