Hidden Power Fire Froakies

Trading Name: stances

Offer: Offering 5 iv hidden power fire froakies Modest nature. they will look something like the ivs shown in the picture i will post just below this. They will have 30 in attack sp. attack and speed witch are the stats you need even for HP fire and then will have 31 in 2 stats of either HP Defence or Sp. Defence and one of them will be a random number could be odd or even and to max it out will take 1 iv stone. I will try to get some that have the 3rd stat as an odd number so that you will still have hidden power fire without having to IV stone it but would still have to to cap it out.

Request: 2 IV stones or 1 IV stone and bred pokemon I don’t have that has good moveset / ivs

Further info: Will also give you 1 entry into my shiny hunt raffle with purchase over at Shiny hunting The current raffle will close on tuesday 5/9 aswell.

i can give you 1Iv stone Whats its nature?

He wrote Modest, you should read carefully next time. By the way, he wants either 2 IV stones, either 1 IV stone and a Bredmon he doesn’t actually have.

actually I had missed putting the nature in but ya they are modest

and nah man not looking at trading them for 1 iv stone since they are a pain to breed. Have to make sure that it keeps stats 30 that need to be for hidden power.

K, but can you reserve it By morning I may get 2-3 Iv stones Thank you :slight_smile:

yep will do have like 1 or 2 with the 3rd iv as odd so it has hidden power fire off the start

Do you already have a HP Ice timid electrike with volt switch and flamethrower or a calm chansey with seismic toss, heal bell, ice beam and toxic? If not I’ll offer one of those two.

Don’t have either one either one would be fine let me go breed up a froakie and then we can trade when you available if you still around

have a froakie for whenever we are both available btw


Can I have one B-)

you got iv stones for it? have one ready if you do

yeap i got them now when trade?

If you are on discord can just ping me over there in the insurgence chat @stances if you see me online or could probably make sure i can be on at specific time sometime this weekend. !m in est time zone

nope got banned from discord cause of age restriction have to do it here

well if you on now can do it now

will just need trade name if you want to do it now mine is stances

Yellowing now