Hidden power and Other thoughts

So in insurgence you can basically change all of the pokemon’s IV’s to it’s maximum because of the IV stone’s but does that change your hidden power type also? Thanks.

P.S. My Serperior is Timid nature. Ability: Contrary. Moves: Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse (Coverage), Glare. But I need one more move, any suggestions just in case is Hidden Power fire doesn’t work out? Thanks Very Much.

P.S.S. My Greninja is a mixed attacker and I need a fourth move so I’m thinking either: rock slide(Flinch), U-turn(Momentum), Return(Power), or any other suggested moves. greatly appreciated.

Yes, the IV stones change the hidden power type (unlike in pokemon Sun and Moon). So if you max out all of a pokemon’s stats, their hidden power becomes dark. However, maxing out all of a pokemon’s stats is rather expensive IV-stone wise, and I would suggest either buying a bred mon from breeders here (like me :smile:) or getting your own 6iv ditto and breeding your poke. (PS I can breed an HP Fire snivy for 2 stones, cause hidden powers are harder to breed) I would suggest substitute or leech seed on your serperior. U-turn is good in competitive, so that’s probably a good idea to put on greninja

Thanks for the offer but I can breed my own pokemon I have no trouble getting IV stones (I got so patient I got an IV stone in less than 50 Soft resets on one smashable rock not kidding) and I got a 6iv Ditto to breed w/. Thanks for the suggestion.