Hidden Grottos doesn't spawn anything

Not sure if this is the right place, excuse me if it isn’t. But anyway, been looking at me hidden grottos for some of the starters and D. Scaggy and D. Combee, but the last 3-4 days nothing have spawned at all in them, someone in discord said it might be something about if I’ve switched time/date on my computer, but I haven’t done that since I started the game like 2 weeks ago, when I tried to see if I could get old mystery gifts that way. But it worked fine for a week or so, then it completly stopped spawning stuff in the grottos, so I was hoping someone might know what’s wrong and how to fix.

sometimes, there is item that doesnt have overworld sprites… try to take the “hidden” item in location where it should appears


There is nothing there at all, not even hidden things

Actually I have a similar problem with hidden grottos. I saved in front of the grotto on Route 4 to reset for the Delta Sunkern but when I went inside, there was nothing there. What´s interesting is that there actually is a tile I can press Enter on which will activate a fight against a wild Charmander. But Charmander is not even in this grotto.