Hidden Grotto not resetting?

A few days ago, instead of battling the pkmn that spawned in one of the hidden grottoes, I left to do the pokepon. When I came back, the pokemon was gone. Today, there still isn’t anything in that hidden grotto (I’ve waited more than 24 hours). This wouldn’t be a problem, but this has happened to a lot of my grottoes (the other times it was for different reasons though).

Is there a way to reset the grottoes so that items/pkmn start spawning again?

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Did you change your system time in between attempts?

No I didn’t. The days I mentioned were 2 real days, and I’ve never tried to change my system time because I was worried it’d mess up all the grottoes.

I still have about half my hidden grottoes left, but most of them I’ve lost because I’ve accidentally waited in the grotto for more than a day (as in I saved in the grotto and closed it for 1+ days), so the item/pkmn disappeared the next time I came on and never reset again.

This is also happened to a few people back in 2017 but I don’t think it was solved:


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