Hidden Grotto 8 won‘t spawn pokemon

I was doing a normal playthrough and wanted to get a delta snorlax for my team. I checked online where to get it and it said the hidden grotto on route 8. I went there and went into the hidden grotto and it was a spritzee or something so I just encountered it and ran away. When I checked the next day the hidden grotto was empty, like there was nothing inside no pokemon no items. This has been going on for almost a week now. I haven‘t changed the date on my computer either. Does anyone know why this is happening or a different way to get a delta snorlax?

This has happened to me in over half of my HGs and sadly I don’t have any way to fix it. The only other way to get a d. munchlax that I know of is trading for it (ask in the trade section or the discord, I also have one if ur willing to give a rare candy).

Thanks for the reply. I‘m gonna go to the trades section.

Hi are you still available for the rare candy trade I just went on and found some

Sure, I’ll be home in ~30 min so I’ll breed you one after that.

Ok thanks. Message me when you‘re there!

I’m back, and I realized I already have a d. snorlax (lvl 1), would that be ok or would u prefer the snorlax?

That would be great thanks!

so the snorlax is okay?
trade names hulaunicorns btw

Ok I‘m gonna connect to the internet

sure! whats ur trade name?


thanks! Do you want ur mon back btw?
it evolved xD

Nah its fine
Thanks for the snorlax

oki doki! ya np, hope it helps you :))