Hidden ability scyther

Trading Name: Arccy123

Offer: Scyther(with hidden ability)

Request: A Pokemon with hidden ability

Sure, what HA does Scyther have, technician?If yes, I have one already I can trade ya kek


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Ahhh, alright , I can get ya one kek

what do you offer?

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Wait, I thought u were asking for a ha Scyther lmao, I am kinda dumb. So, yeah, what Pokemon with HA do u want? I can get ya any mon u want as long as it isn’t a Legend or a Mythical

is a psudo legendary ok?

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Yeah, tis fine

BTW, I don’t need your Scyther, I already have one, just give me a random trash mon in exchange

does hydriegon have a hidden ability?

Nope, it only gets levitate

ok, can you do delta’s

Yeah I can

can you trade a delta starter?

What delta starter tho? As I said before I can get ya any mon u want, as long as it isn’t a legend or mythical

blastoise or venusaur

I can do Squirtle, imma go grab one of the ha ones I have

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ok squirtle

Hey I’m ready

Trade Name is Kafkinos

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