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Hi! I'm Arceus327!


Hi there! I’ve been playing Insurgence for some time now, and I’ve got to say, it’s the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played. The story, the deltas, the cults… I could go on, but I would be typing forever. I chose D. Charmander as my starter, and it’s pretty damn awesome.


hi to you too welcome to the game im also new compared to other players here since theyve played this game since the beginning fyi delta squirtle is the new grass starter in this game delta squirtle can be easily killed by anything lol delta charmander is good with dark ghost and dragon you can also teach it coverage moves like fire moves and other delta bulbasaur is pretty good if you like normal gardevoir you will like delta bulbasaur ( im curently on my way to collecting all delta starter and their megastones ) also the new update is around the corner in 2017 the game will reach the elite four and more probably currently this game is only on the sixth gym so if you finished the sixth gym you can start breeding pokemon (if thats what you like) or filling the pokedex and getting rare megastones (like starter megastone and delta starter megastone evee megastone and trying your luck on getting the mega stone for girafarig in sonata city(its a gashapon kind of thing also you can finish the current update in under 24 hours if youre a slow player that collects every item in games or you can use fast forward at battling by pressing m also you can set the speed of fast forward in the options also if youre starting a new game with purity mode youll get the normal starter the only thing good is that you can get the megastone for kanto starters by using it theyre pretty rare also thats the end of my tips and blabbering welcome to the game


Oh, I’ve finished the game in non- Challenge mode. I’m currently doing a randomizer run.


cool i thought youre that new lol :3 sorry then can you please explain challange mode like randomizer egglocke and other or alink about that info


Hope this is what you were looking for.


thank you




Ya it’s amazing i chose it 2