Hi, i am shuriken

hi i am one above all, you can also call me oaa or shuriken… i know this is late but i did not know this category existed… i joined cause i wanted shiny hunts to be less boring and wanted a masuda delta ditto… now i just stay here as well as the discord cause i have nothing better to do… i am also a giant bookworm… like i have read some 20 books in the past 2 months… i also love the harry potter and percy jackson series, i read all the books in both the series more than 5 times.

i also do not have a real pokemon game and i love pokemon so i just play pokemon insurgence (in my eye it is better then real pokemon games)

fair enough, insurgence is free and better imo


also… where i live… pokemon games are extremely expensive

like the nintendo 3ds comes for more than $500

catch up i love percy jackson and harry potter read 50 books in 3.5 months and my fav aurthor is james patterson read his books :smiley:

Hey, nice to officially meet you. By the way, have you only read PJO or have you read Riordan’s other books too?

Do you mean Rick Riordan? If so their books are pretty good.

i have read all of rick’s books

sorry for the late reply… was sleeping

Yeah, that’s the one.

Great! Finally, someone who appreciates good literature. Only one IRL friend likes Rick Riordan’s books, and he is such a slow reader so I can’t talk to him about it.

i loved the books so much that i completed 1 book a day cause i read for 5 hours every day

Rick writes great books, I’m tryna get my hands on all of them, though it’s no easy task. still need to find the last book from kane chronicles, heroes of olympus, magnus chase, and trials of apollo, since ig they haven’t been released in my country as of yet. i also sympathize with you about not having any nintendo consoles, since they don’t have an official retailer in this country, so i have to rely on fangames. played through uranium last year and I’ve been olaying insurgence since the 22nd of december i think, so about a month. HP is also a great series, though I’m not that keen on the movies

use kindle

not too keen on ebooks either, they feel inorganic

also… i also played through uranium and defeated it but do not want to play again cause of the ammount of grinding

that is on you… i wouldn’t disagree

yeah, but theo is a great groind hole before the 7th gym, and there’s the ninjas in the last city who are also great. im really considering replayinv ueanium or staring azurite

ik but still no audino grinder