Hi i am new here and looking for a specific Poké

Trading Name: Koma666

Offer: Anything on the first Route

Request: i am new here and looking for a D-Charmander with a Modest,Mild or Rash nature.

Further info:It whould be great if anybody whould be so kind and could give me one for any of the low lvl crap i am able to catch on the 1st route since i just started.

If you just need delta charmander it only takes like five minutes so i can give it but if you need one of those three natures I have to soft reset which takes longer

i already got one, i was kinda lucky and got it with a Rash nature after 4 resets, but thank you for your answer anyways, if you need something you can hit me up if you want i hope i am able to help.

Can you get me delta bulbasaur cow? I don’t even have the other 2 delta starters (I picked charizard) Really don’t care which nature just try to get one that doesn’t minus Special attack or attack

Why not minus attack? Don’t tell me you’re thinking of running a physical delta venusaur set…

I’m not picky just when it’s not a competitive pokemon i dont want lower damage

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