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Hi guys, finally I found this section

I somehow managed to miss this section for the last 3 months… Sorry for the late introduction, HI! My name isn’t actually Attila, that’s just the name of a singer I love.

I’m a italian fan, I play pokémon since gen 1 and I’m also an avid manga reader, a 3rd rate duelist with 4th rate yu-gi-oh decks, and a metal head.

Insurgence is an amazing game :heart::heart: my favorite pokémon game for sure (perhaps tied with Mystery Dungeon).


Thank you again for trying out my secret base.
I’m also an avid Pokemon fan, I too played since first gen. I’m from Canada, and currently own 11 binders of cards and tons of memorabilia.
I also have tattoos with Pokémon yellow’s Ash and Pikachu done 8bit style on my feet. They actually went internet viral a few years ago. My friend posted them on reddit and got a ton of recognition, not my intention at all🤣
My favorite game will always be Crystal. It holds a special place in my heart. I also read the manga and I draw too. I am definitely catching up as I am a preschool teacher and lately have had no time to really enjoy these hobbies.
I also teach grades 2-5 how to battle with Pokémon cards during my lunch break. It’s a great way to encourage socialization, math, reading and turn taking. The children here are many who struggle with socializing or just really enjoy Pokémon. Cheers!