Hi guys! ;D

So this forum is slowly collapsing so I’m going to finally introduce myself! Yeah, sure, I’m 3 months late but hey! 3 months is closer to 0 months than 1 year so I should be fine! My name is Barry Allen and I’m the slowest man alive. My parents were Alexander T. Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff the LXXXVIII moreover and my other parent was Patrick Starr as my mom’s parents thought it would be funny because their last name was Starr, to put the first name as Patrick. So anyways, I’m outlawed in 36 countries and 48 states (plz don’t report me to the police :pleading_face:) for multiple crimes that I won’t list here. I am currently here because why shouldn’t I? I lived for 6 months on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and even had a group of crabs do my bidding for a while, they all died, but whatever. I discovered new specie of spider (svrjghfjhgyfghsrghjfjsjfjfhfshjfjdfhisdfhsfi fshdfgsfsgdfsdgfsjfdhhsgfgsgjdfs). I lived for 8 years in the island nation of Seychelles (almost died a couple of times as well). I hate chocolate. time to break out the icebreakers. Do you love working from home or would you rather be in the office? Is there a balance of both that you like best? Home. What’s the hardest part about working virtually for you? The easiest? Ummm, idk. Do you have a dedicated office space at home? Wait, where am I getting these Icebreakers from? Show us your office space! …Ok, enough with the icebreakers. I stopped a war once, that was cool. That’s about all that’s interesting about me, if you have any questions I’ll answer them in AMA at 3:00 EST.


i also am banned from 48 states

and elementary schools

You guys can ask me as many questions as you want!

how many brain cells do you have?

Maybe ≈∏

AMA time!

At least 12

do you eat children?

Not children

um i feel like this is fake

Whooshes you

No it’s not.

How incredibly rude. Incognito’s here telling they’re story and you just call it fake?! Impossachievable


I can believe he’s wanted in 48 states

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Yeah, let’s hear Kiri’s story then.

If you want proof I can give the names of each of the crabs.

I don’t see how that’s relevant


;( what a unique and beautiful name, and story. ;( it has me in tears, we will start a petition to get inlawed!

  • Incognito is going to JAIL yay!
  • Incognito is NOT going to jail!

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