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Hi from a Distorsion realm

I don’t allow myself to do this kind of stuff because I want to remain anonymous a maximum, but here I go. Felt like it was important to say.

As I say in my account summary, I’m a bilingual French Canadian. However there is something I didn’t said I was:
Autist. More accurately, Asperger syndrome.

I might be different, but not that much. I am not as affected as you could imagine. I am different enough to see the world from a different angle, but just enough so that very few people would notice. In fact, I consider this as an advantage because I see the world as an autist and a “normal” being.

If you think I am stupid, remember Ludvig Van Beethoven and Mew2King are both Asperger like me and Einstein isn’t confirmed yet.

Useless to say my name isn’t Peter Holmes.


IIRC, various sourcers claim that Satoshi Tajiri himself has your same condition! (is condition even the right word? idk)
Sorry, just welcome aboard :smiley:

Condition is the right term and satoshi WAS autistic. That is what made him collect bugs and create Pokémon. So you will become very successful if you know what you like and do it no matter what!