Heya! How you everyone!

Hi! Names Spiritmon (Not my real name, but I like that one). Well, dont have much to talk about me ^^" I a great fan of Pokemon (even I dont play much the official games. Only Emerald, a little gold and Fire Red). I came from another Pokemon community from Uranium and I was intriguite to join here. I brazilean so forgive my bad english. So yeah thats all.

Hi, welcome to the forum! :joy:

Thank you :slight_smile: I would like to ask something too. The forums is very active or it is inatcive (low members online or something). Its a bad who normal happens in many communities. Just a little question.

Welcome to the community.Have a nice stay​:joy::joy:

Right now it’s very active, I would say, The discord server is even more active, and you will get answers almost immediately :happy:

Its active,but time zone is different.Cause Some are from here and some are from there, u know.And the DISCORD is more active.