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Hey there, new here!

Hey there, i’m HattieHarmony, but you can just call me Hatts.
i’ve known about this game for a while, but just hadn’t had the time to play it until now, since quarantine aand all.
i’m an amateur artist, and i’ve adored pokemon since 3rd grade, and i choose my favourites by design, or experiences.
I’m just your basic Pokémon Fan,never really done any competitive stuff until this game, but i have attempted shiny hunting before.
I’ve never actually played a main series game as they are very rare/basically unobtainable where i live.
well, thanks for reading my little tangent,and i hope to get along with all of you.

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Welcome to the community! It’s nice to meet you.

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and thanks for the warm welcome!


Bro, you and I are very alike! And also, welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the Insurgence community (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Sorry, I am just curious, since Pokémon is basically one of the biggest names in the world of videogames, where do you live? (just a generic location works too, don’t worry)

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Welcome to the forums, it is great to have you here! But I have to ask you, are you a Pokefan or a Pokemon fan? There is a difference.

@JojoBoss247 i’m a Pokemon Fan, or atleast that’s what i consider myself to be.

Why would you ask someone for their location? That is plain creepy.

Oh thank goodness. Pokefans are quite interesting to put it nicely.

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Haha, yeah. one of my friends used to be a Pokefan, and legit everytime i mention my main mons Drudiggon or Serperior, he’d always reply with "Greninja is better. "

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Oh, wait till you read the :fax:

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Because as I said, Pokémon is huge and I can’t think of many places where it would be hard to find a main series game. And s/he doesn’t HAVE to answer if s/he isn’t comfortable with telling it, ofc, or could just lie. It’s just curiosity.

I mean, I’m italian, I can tell you and I’m as safe as before lol

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