Hey, I’m back

Trading Name: Emerald24111

Offer: I’m giving out deltas with preferred natures, just ask away!

Request: Shinies are helpful but I don’t play much so that might be useless.

Further info: 2 per person until every other order is cleared.

Notice: Down for today, if I remember tomorrow I’ll take requests then.

Welcome back! I don’t need anything, just wanted to say hello

Wait are you trading away delta shinies or just regular deltas? Asking for a shiny in return for a simple breedmon isn’t exactly a fair trade… a more proper trade would be asking for dream mists/IV stones if you can guarantee multiple maxed IV’s. If the only thing you can guarantee is a good nature, then those aren’t exactly valuable but could still ask for something super easy to purchase like vitamins.

Anyways, welcome back indeed

Just regular deltas since I don’t have the time nor interest in hunting anything, I did a couple hundred encounters on delta meloetta and got bored so doing eggs would be even worse. It’s just for players to have. Donations are appreciated, not required.

yeah understood, I just think that the donations should be more realistic and limited to the IV stones and stuff. I’m also surprised it’s a limit of 2 per person, as it takes only like a quick minute to breed a mon, especially if you’re not breeding for optimum IV’s and it should be easy to do a swap for up to six mons.

Well I expected more people so I didn’t want to get stuck on one order and then have everyone wait while it gets finished especially since I’m forgetful. Although I guess this place hasn’t been active for a while so nothing to worry about.

So your trading deltas is there anything you would want ive just started a couple days ago and there were a couple deltas i wanted to use but they are all on holon which i think i cant access till the end game.

Any Hidden ability Aipoms available?

Maybe? I could try for them ig

Don’t want anything this is just a side thing. Which ones you want, what abilities, and what nature?

Whatever a good natured HA Delta Aipom would be

hey there, do you maybe have a delta dratini or any of it’s evolutions

I think I have an adamant one somewhere. Would you like me to get you one?

that would be lovely yeah

just tell me when you are online

I will let you know when I’m on

I kinda want a Delta Beldum (Ruin) if you have one? Or a Delta Froakie.

btw is it a dratini or a dragonite because that influeces the second mon I’ll choose here

Do you have an Delta Scizor? looking for one to use in a playthrough, i don’t have much to offer though