Hey I can't trade with my friend

every time me and my friend try to trade when he selects the his pokemon he wants to trade to me his game crashes

  1. You cannot trade if you are playing a challenge mode(can trade in nuzlocke though).
  2. Keep the pokemon you want to trade at the front of the party
  3. After you enter the username you want to trade with, DO NOT change windows!
  4. As soon as you get into the trading screen offer the pokemon straight away
  5. Trades DO NOT work if you are on the same IP!
  6. If all else fails, try typing the usernames in a different order (e.g.You type your friends name, then he types yours, and vice versa)

Here are some trade tips I copied from the discord. Also, make sure you’re both on the latest version of the game, 1.2.3 (Public Release)

thanks never of us are in a challenge run though

and what do you mean bye ip

As in like, the same router. Using the same internet or in the same household.

oh no we aren’t using the same router

Then try using the other tips.

Try what Decho said, and it sounds like an unsteady internet connection.

im am going to once my friend can play again