Hey guys I can't mega evolve

I have the Stone and the image is not showing up so help

Are you shure you got the mega ring?

Yes I did have it

Hum… What Pokémon do you want to mega evolve?

My Delta Venusaur does the item have to have a d before it?

Well, if you didn’t gave him the mega stone, it won’t mega evolve. After you did, press Z while in the battle.

P.S.: D.Venusaur is a really good Mega.

I put it on him and is the Venusaurite the right item?

That’s it. Alse, he need the Delta Venusaurite. The regular ones doesn’t affect the delta Pokémon.

May I ask where you find the Delta venusrite?

In the perfection base, where you got your mega ring. Look at the rooms at the upper part of the base.

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Your welcome! If you need any help (tips, team suggestions) call me!

Okay thanks!