Hey everybody! Just started out, any tips?

Hey everyone, I just started out on Insurgence. Are there any tips or tricks I should know? Appreciate you reading this!

-Level up your pokemon party as much as possible before challenging a gym.
-Look into delta Pokemon.
-Interact with EVERYONE.
-Get the exp share in Helios city.

Thanks for the advice! By any chance, do you know if you can find a normal Froakie or any of its evolutions?

You can (route 17)! There is even a Delta one you can encounter later on

Thanks, I greatly appreciate the support! Greninja is one of my favorite Pokémon , so I’m relieved to be able to get one.

Of course. They are hidden in the grotto-- just be wary since they are around level 10, your pokemon very high level by then (considering the 3rd gym uses level 40s)

Alright. Are you able to get False Swipe by then?

Pretty sure, worst case scenario you can buy some quick balls

Okay, thanks for the help. Have a wonderful day/night!

There’s a pokemon wiki for insurgence too. It lists all pokemon and where to find them in game? (including deltas)

Little Tip, after you get 6 Gym Badges, you will be able to get a Frogadier (sorry if I butcher his name) in someone’s friends safari. That frogadier has a 1/5 chance to have Protean.

Here is a link toward the Wiki, it has a list of available Pokémon in Safari.

You can also got to the online/trading section to get any pokemon you want early on from some generous donors.

Some delta starters are better than others, but use mons that you like. You don’t get the TM for false swipe till post game, but there are mons that learn false swipe via level up and there is a move tutor for hold back around the midgame (equivalent to false swipe, snorlax can learn hold back). Broadcast Tower, get Axew, it is really good in getting false swipe early and it gets d-dance. Very useful. Getting level trainer is useful in your secret base. HAs are pretty much locked behind post game (except for the HA pokemons you can get via friend safari). Save before every static delta encounter. Last, but not least, have fun.