Heracross 2nd gym

I can’t defeat 2nd gym . Heracross is always one shoting me …( close combat ) Can someone help me?

Will hunter or gastly work?

Short answer: Pelipper

Kinda long answer: Get a Wingull in Route 4, with Air Cutter in one of its move set. Train it (in Secret Base) until it evolves and at a decent level, but never unlearn Air Cutter. Pelipper has much higher base Special Attack than its Attack. Heracross has quadruple weakness against Flying moves.

Oh my Arceus ! Thank you!

Is lvl. 27 enough ?

Alternately, get a Speed Boost Combusken in friend safari and teach it Bulk Up & Flame Charge, for setting up on Shuckle. It’ll sweep half of the leader’s team (Shuckle, Beedrill, Heracross) until he finally brings in Tentacruel. Might even be able to beat Tentacruel too with a max-friendship Return, haven’t tried.

Source: I’m playing a nuzlocke on hard and just passed this gym with no losses (after a few attempts).

I’ve got electabuzz lvl. 35 :wink:

27 is enough, but 30 to be safe. Beware that the Heracross If it has Mist and Roost, it can also beat any other Pokemon, excluding Shuckle.


One last question… against hunter?

For me, Haunter was oneshotted by a Noctem Spiritomb’s Suckerpunch.

I struggle a lot but I used huge power azumarill with play rough to one shot heracross