Helpme plis

Trading Name: nasho0te

Offer: nada

Request: pokemon

Further info:someone would be so kind as to give me some para pokemon to pass the Second took hours trying gym and I can not please

I could give you mons.Just tell me the level range.

the gym is approximately Level 35 need to spend some pokemon please Power

I can give you some mons hold on

f you please: C need to spend the gym: C eh in that state for hours

On other than the noivern are these ok?

Could you give me one or some adj please that you want?


I dont want anything can you trade now?

yes yes Yes right now

My Trade name is Dayday,Your go and after the first trade just keep going


Did you want all of these?Just to make sure

yes please

Glad I could help.=p

accept trade plis

Thats all.

Unless you want yours back.

yes plis azumarill

go .