Helping on a new delta journey

Trading Name: Seckler

Offer: I literally have nothing :confused:

Request: Delta Lilligant (Water), Delta Froakie, Delta Tangela, both Delta Beldum, Delta Larvesta, Delta Kabuto, Delta Bulbasaur and Delta Squirtle (These last two is just in case any of the previous go south)

Further info: Hey, I’m new around this forum, so forgive me if I’m breaking any rules.
I played this couple of months ago and it was amazing! When I felt like playing it again, I realized everything was deleted when I fixed my note, so here I am, feeling like replaying it again. On my first playthrough, I barely used any delta mons (apart from delta bulba) because, when I met them, I either was so high level it would take a lot to grind or I already had that type coverage in my team and now I regret that. :frowning:
This time, however, I wanna start with a fully delta team and go through with them until the rest of the game. So, what I’m asking is if any kind soul would mind giving me some delta mons for my team.

Again, I have nothing (and I never caught delta ditto, so I don’t know how to breed them), so it is just if anyone is really wanting to help.

PS: I just found out this game has pokerus, so I got really interested in that, if anyone has it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I could get you any of these with pokerus even, but the problem is, is that you want seven (nine) , so I want to know which six you would want out of all of those.

Hey! I just realized I wrote 7 instead of 6, my bad. I could go on without Kabuto, Squirtle or Bulbasaur.

Also one more thing Delta Volcarona is very powerful having no weakness w/out hidden ability and can learn very strong moves, are you sure you want him as it might ruin the difficulty aspect later on.

Btw, just letting ya know, so this post doesn’t get closed from a mod, use the following trading format:
Trading Name:



Further Info:

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I was considering that. However, if I find the game to become too easy with it (giving the fact that Larvesta only evolves at level 59) I might probably replace it in game for the D.Charmander, my current starter. Talking about difficulty, I am trying on the hard one this time, so maybe it won’t go as smooth as simply having a mon with no weakness.

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Ok then I’ll breed a larvesta.

I can breed ya anything here apart from froakie, tangela and kabuto, haven’t caught those yet

I belive incognito is will be helping me with the first 6, since you don’t have D.Kabuto yet, I would just need then other 2 starters: D.Squirtle and D.Bulbasaur. :slight_smile:

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Yeah , I can do both

I already have both of them bred I think

I’ll go catch the 6 mons. Lemme know whenever you’r ready. :slight_smile:

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I already have 2.

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I can trade ya squirt and bulba now btw ^^

Ok! I’ll go catch the mons to trade with you guys and I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


Sure, I am gonna go load the game now, lmk when ya are ready

I can also give ya water petilil now btw , I have like 49 bred ATM lol

Ya ready to trade?

Hey, I’m ready, guys! Thanks for the offer on the Lilligants, but I already requested Incognito over there. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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What are you guys trading names?

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